Dr. Aubin

The Builder Of Smiles

With almost three decades of experience, I have learned much about people and the practice of orthodontics. Orthodontics is an art and a science. As an artist, I can move teeth into their esthetically pleasing positions and produce a great smile. However, it is not only about the beautiful smile. Good orthodontics can also improve a patient’s physiology, or the ability to thrive.

With the combinations of orthodontic and orthopedic treatments, positive physiological changes, in the head and neck regions, are possible. Orthodontics can increase the volume of airflow through the nose. In a growing child, using proper orthodontic treatment, this benefit is accomplished non-surgically. For those of you that suffer from Sleep Apnea (insufficient air movement during sleep) this increased airflow through the nose would be extremely helpful in alleviating this problem. Other benefits are the decrease likelihood of  developing a deviated septum of the nose and the proper development of the Eustachian tube (ear-nose connection). These physiological changes help reduce incidences of ear infections in childhood, promote proper speech by allowing  proper tongue positions, and healthy growth of the body and mind by decreasing the incidence of Sleep Apnea. Lastly orthopedic jaw development allow more room for 3 rd molars eruption. This means the wisdom teeth are less severely impacted and removal is less traumatic.

Breakthrough technologies and materials have made their mark in orthodontics by speeding up treatment times and making other procedures more acceptable. Examples of these are digital impressions, clear braces, Invisalign treatment, and innovative bracket and adhesive technologies. But successful and timely treatment can only be achieved when both parent and child are committed to the treatment.

Patients are active participants in their therapy. It is vital they follow instructions about eating, brushing, and wearing elastics and/or appliances. Treatment progress is directly related to how well patients cooperate. Parents play an important role. They activate expanders, bring their children to their scheduled appointments, and they foster good eating and brushing habits. Parental guidance and support is needed for a successful outcome. They are the ‘assistant coaches’ during their child’s treatment.

By working together as a team, a Beautiful-Healthy smile is attainable. When our patients smile with confidence and health, it empowers them to achieve great things. The gift of confidence and health is what I use to measure orthodontic success.


Dr. Phillip B. Aubin

The Builder of Smiles